The area of today’s Rewal has an extremely significant history.

 Different nations have been occupied this land in the past .It has been passed from hand to hand over the ages.

In the first century the land was inhabited by the Vandals afterwards by the Wends. In the tenth century became a part of the Poland until 1181 when Germans took over the lands. From 1630 for almost two centuries this land belonged to Sweden. In the 1811 formerly land turned into Prussian territory. During this period of time Napoleon’s Army also stationed in Rewal.

Rewal (formerly German Rewahl) eventually became well known sea resort in 1831 five years later when the first Narrow Gauge Railway connection between Gryfice and Niechorze took effect. From that time Rewal started to be an interesting place to visit. Tourists were in awe of a friendly atmosphere, clean sea water, beautiful beach and forests surrounding town.

Tourism sector grew up rapidly in the early twentieth century therefore new train connection was released with Trzebiatów.


After the World War II Rewahl turned into Polish land and at the same time was given polish name Rewal.