All routes lead to Rewal…

Rewal and nearby areas have to offer. It’s worth mentioning about the attractive location. Easy access location let visitors explore the district on foot or by bicycle.

Close distance has to be overcome to get to Kamien Pomorski with its places of interest such as the Cathedral or Festival of Organ Music. Other nearby situated towns like Kolobrzeg, Trzebiatow or Gryfice has to offer a lot of fascinating monuments. In Miedzyzdroje sightseers can attend to an Annual Star Festival, visit Wolin’s National Park or join the Viking Festival in Wolin. From close by Goleniow airport tourists can take a flight to other European countries. For sea passion travelers Swinoujscie offers a ferry sea trips to Copenhagen, Malmö, Ystad or Bornholm Island

Please check out our brief guide to the local area.

Ale i na terenie samej gminy Rewal jest wiele do zobaczenia; nie samą plażą wszak człowiek żyje. Oto krótki przewodnik po okolicy.


03-gmina-rewalChurch Ruins – The main attraction is famous ancient church, which has been reduced over the ages to a lone southern wall called Ruins of the Church in Trzęsacz. This monument is a leftover of the built between XIV and XV Gothic Church.

Multimedia Museum on 15th Meridan – Presents multimedia presentation of Trzesacz’s over 1000 years old history. From the film, you can learn a lot about passing near the 15th meridian, and Gothic Church, which kept up the cliff, just above the sea additional you get information about history of Trzesacz and surrounding areas.

Neo-Gothic Church from 19th Century – with its beaufitlly paineted altar in 1673 by  Joachim Sellin.
Beach’s Viewing platform – built at a height of 15 m and a length of over 42 m, near the ruins of the Church in Trzęsacz.




Lighthouse, 1866 – registered to the monuments catalog under the number 1350. Situated directly on a high cliff coast of the Baltic Sea between the Kikut’s Lighthouse (30 km), and Kolobrzeg’s Lighthouse (34 km to the east). The lighthouse with its panoramic terrace is open to the public. The historic Fishing Houses from 18th and 19th Century – the remains of fishing village
The Fishing Museum – open to the public constantly since 1944, where you can see interesting marine artifacts and ancient art objects, from houses and farms of Baltic fishermen.


Baltic Cross of Hope – A replica of the cross from Giewont,

Archaeological settlement in Śliwin



Catholic Church in Rewal- this church was rebuilt in 1976-1978 from the little chapel. Architectural wise construction reminds more human heart. Designed by Zbigniew Abrahamowicz.
Beach viewing platform – situated on Sikorskiego Street (about 12, 5 high and 20 m long)
Viewpoint – situated on Sapierska Street (nearby Residence Hotel)

“Liwia Łuża  Lake – Waterfowl Reserve located on the border line between Pogorzelica and Niechorze, connected to the Sea with Liwka Channel.

05-gmina-rewalSea Narrow-Gauge Railway

Narrow –Gauge railway is a very fascinating way of admiring the landscape from the widows of historic train. Back in the day the narrow-gauge railway linked Rewal with other Polish cities such as Stargard, Szczecin, Nowogard, Bialogard or even Koszalin.

Nowadays this historical rail carries about 100 thousand passengers per season and runs on the 40 km distance from Gryfice to Pogorzelica.
Rewal district is a place worth visiting even after summer season.
When the summer season is over there are still organized training courses, conferences as well as interesting leisure breaks for tourists who prefer spend their holidays in lower seasons. We would like to remind all vacationers that thought out the entire year there is a fresh air, beautiful sunsets, fragrant of pine forests and soothing roar of the sea.



Holiday’s decorations – fairy tale district!

During the holidays district surprises visitors with occasional decorations on Squares and Streets. The tourist definitely will feel straight away the upcoming Holiday. For the duration of Easter Holiday you will find symbols like Easter Bunnies or Colored Easter Eggs. More spectacular are the original Christmas illuminations in Niechorze, Pobierowo, Rewal and Pustkowo. For example in Niechorze you can meet fairy – tale characters gathered in one place.

No wonder why with pleasure all visitors with their families take a walk to see this event.